NTSCH Officers

Manages day to day operations of the NTSCH.
Tracy Payton Watson
Transition to Newly Elected Officers
Vice President
Step up to take over president duties if needed.
Alejandra Diaz
Karen Kinman
Manages finances for the organization.
Roxanna Erickson-Klein
Katharine Davis
ASCH Liaison
Communicates with ASCH (American Society of Clinical Hypnosis)
Nubia Ballesteros
Membership Coordinator
Answers inquiries & sends out membership forms.
Joann Evans
CEU Coordinator
Gather information from presenters and submit CEU requests to appropriate organizations.
Nubia Ballesteros
Web Updating and Online Development
Roxanna Erickson-Klein
Tracy Payton Watson
Beginner Training
Answer inquires and plan periodic training.
Alejandra Diaz
2023- Tracy Payton Watson
2022- Janet Wares
2021- Alejandra Diaz
2020- Alejandra Diaz
2019- Roxanna Erickson-Klein
2018- Roxanna Erickson-Klein
2017- Roxanna Erickson-Klein
2016- Roxanna Erickson-Klein
2015- Carl A Ward
2014- Carl A Ward
2013- Carl A Ward
2012- Carl A Ward
2011- Carl A Ward
2010- Carl A Ward
2009- Carl A Ward
2008- Tom Payton
2007- George Mount
2006- James A. Taylor
2005- James A. Taylor
2004- George Mount
2003- Murriel Schulte
2002- Warren Watson
2001- Warren Watson
2000- Warren Watson
1999- Jerry Weiss
1998- Jerry Weiss
1997- Jerry Weiss
1996- Kim Rockwall-Evans
1995- Liora Peiser
1994- Milo Benningfield
1993- Susan Marcus
1992- Daniel Handel
1991- Om Prakash
1990- Philip Becker
1989- Doug Bellamy
1988- Milo Benningfield
1987- Reginald Humphreys
1986- Donald Weaver
1985- James Hancock
1984- Jerry Weiss
1983- Jack Nelson
1982- Ed Goodman
1981- Paul Crider
1980- Harold Crasilneck
1980- Alan Griffin