In 1980 Ed Goodman PhD and Alan Griffin PhD worked with Harold Crasilneck PhD to establish the Dallas Society of Clinical Hypnosis (It was changed to North Texas Society of Clinical Hypnosis, NTSCH in 1991). The organization was developed to educate local health professionals on how to integrate hypnosis into their practices.


The NTSCH was founded as a local component of the national group, the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis (ASCH), and conceived to uphold the high standards provided by that professional group.


On this foundation, the organization attracted physicians, dentists and psychotherapists, quickly becoming a popular mainstay of clinical hypnosis training in the local area.  Shifts in funding and educational trends lead to a trimmed down attendance to a more modest group. Yet, through consistant programming over the years and the annual workshops, the NTSCH has sustained the membership.


By using technology, we are exploring online educational opportunities, including live international webinars. As front-runners in the development of international alliances, we are using this platform to explore the multi-cultural elements of hypnosis.


With consistent excellence in education and overall longevity of our society, we are one of the strongest chapters of the ASCH. Our volunteer base runs the organization with monthly meetings and offers a twenty-hour annual program to facilitate the renewal of hypnosis certification for our members.